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6th July – 9th July 2022
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A Guide for Parents

Joining Minis – A Guide for Parents, Carers and Children 

Minis Theatre Club (Minis) is a parents/carers’ co-operative.  It employs three staff, who provide coaching in drama, voice and dance, and who are responsible for the artistic direction of the club; however, administrative and financial matters are debated and decided by a committee of parents and carers, the members of which are elected annually.

As a co-operative, a degree of year-round parental/carer input is expected, and, during performance periods, this increases significantly.   The purpose of the following is to give parents, carers and children a clear understanding of the commitment associated with joining Minis.

Minis Theatre ClubBehaviour

At Minis, we aim to provide a fun, safe environment in which every child feels welcome, motivated and able to grow and contribute.  It is therefore important that the children are attentive and respectful to each other and to the participating adults.


Minis is very proud of the standard of its productions.  Of course, this standard cannot be achieved or maintained without the dedication of the children.  Weekly attendance each Friday is strongly encouraged and becomes essential in the run up to productions, when there are several additional Sunday rehearsals.

If your child is unable to attend a rehearsal, it is helpful to those planning the rehearsal sessions if you inform Minis.

Weekly Rehearsals

In order to comply with the terms of the hall rental agreement, two parents/carers are required to monitor the hall and corridors and to supervise the children each Friday.  This responsibility is allocated by rota and each adult will usually be required to help once or twice a term.

Signing in/out

Children must be signed in and out of rehearsals by a responsible adult.  Children are not permitted to arrive at, or to leave, rehearsals unaccompanied.

Minis Theatre ClubAnnual Show

The primary event on the Minis calendar is the annual, Summer production, usually staged at The Olympus Theatre, Filton. In the run up to the show, assistance is required from parents/carers in respect of the following:

  • ticket sales – each family is expected to sell a minimum of 20 tickets
  • set building and painting
  • sourcing of props
  • publicity
  • costumes

During show week, there are five performances, running daily from Wednesday through Saturday, including a Saturday matinee.  The children are in the theatre from 6pm to approximately 10pm each evening, and from 1pm on the Saturday, with a break between performances for tea.  In addition, technical and dress rehearsals take place on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday prior to the show.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the show, in addition to attending at least one in-theatre rehearsal, parents/carers are expected to assist with a minimum of four show sessions.  No previous theatrical experience is required and the wide range of show week responsibilities to choose from include:

  • set transportation and construction
  • dressing room supervision and assistance
  • hair and make-up
  • continuity
  • sound
  • lighting
  • front of house
  • dismantling set and clearing theatre
Minis Theatre ClubAnd finally…

As you can see, the Minis ethos is one of collaboration and teamwork. It is the mutual support of staff, parents, carers and children which makes Minis unique, both in terms of the standard of its productions and, more importantly, its ability to provide the whole family with a sense of involvement, worth and achievement.