minis theatre club

Musical Theatre for Children
aged 9 to 14

Next Show

Shrek The Musical

6th July – 9th July 2022
Olympus Theatre, Filton

Recent Shows

Little Shop of Horrors

How to Join

How do I enrol my child in MINIS?

If you would like to apply to join Minis, please contact our Membership Secretary via email at and they will inform you of the next audition date.

Alternatively, please print off the Minis Theatre Club Application Form and send along with a current photograph to Minis Membership Secretary.

What will they have to do at the audition?

They will be asked to take part in a rehearsal and at the end sing a song that they have been taught, read something they have been given (a poem or part of a script) and do some movement to music. Audition pieces will be sent out in advance so your child will have a chance to practice.

Is regular attendance essential?

We do have a guideline that members cannot miss more than 4 rehearsals of a production. Please also see our Constitution. Once a cast has been decided, it is very difficult for the production team if children are missing even if they do not have a main part. In reality, there will be people missing due to school commitments but we would ask that you plan holidays/parties etc around Mini’s dates.

Does Mini’s have a Child Protection Scheme?

Yes – please see our Constitution.

How are rehearsals run?

Arrivals by 5.45pm and parents sign in their child/children. Very often several rooms are used depending on what stage rehearsals have reached. There are always two parent supervisors who are present at the main rehearsal room, whose job is to help supervise the children. Parents need to collect from the main rehearsal room and sign out their child/children at the end of the evening.

Are parents allowed to watch auditions for parts?

No – the auditions are held in front of the production team plus one extra auditioner from outside the club. If a child of one of the production team is auditioning, the relevant parent will leave the room and have no part in the casting of that part. Please also see the Constitution.

My child has no dancing experience. Does this matter?

Many children come to Mini’s with little or no experience of dancing. However, by the show, many parents are pleasantly surprised at the progress made by an inexperienced child both in dancing and singing.

What are the costs?

£120 per term. There may be a supplementary show charge to cover costumes provided by the club.